What We Do

Who we are

We are dedicated “BioPsychoSocialists” on a mission to help people have the best- behaved, pain-free body possible, AND a confident, balanced posture that says “youthful good health.” Nothing shouts ‘old age’ louder than stooped shoulders, a hanging head, pained expression and listless shuffle – and let’s face it, chronic pain is exhausting and depressing. We believe everyone has the capacity to feel freer, more energised and more physically liberated. With a little work…

What’s different about us

Though we haven’t totally reinvented the wheel we have redesigned it a bit: We know that a) treatment on it’s own doesn’t last, b) mindless movement with poor control and core stability leads to trouble, and c) without addressing the whole person, we’ve missed the picture.  We take a global approach to each individual body, blending movement with integrated manual therapies.

It’s not about exercise, it’s about movement and we have lots of ways of making it fun. Using Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic, Garuda and dance science, our aim is to help facilitate a freely moving, supple, pain-free body in harmony with itself. A moving body is always a healthier, happier body, despite one’s perceived limitations clouded by injury or the inevitable ageing process.

We believe that the more you understand about your body, the better able you are to command your own healing progression, program or performance training.

We don’t know it all, but we share what we do. “

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What we do