The Team

Lynne Gentle LSSM dip; MAcS SP


Lynne Gentle 1Lynne has been a movement teacher and manual therapist since 2004. She  worked at a number of top London  studios and in Harley Street before opening Gentle Movement in 2010.  She has trained extensively and attended lectures, workshops and seminars  with some of the most respected names in  manual and movement medicine including: Erik Dalton (Freedom From Pain Institute) James Earls (Kinesis UK), Mel Cash (London School of Sport Masssage) , David Butler (Neuro Orthopaedic Institute: NOI) Douglas Heel (Be Activated) among many others. Lynne is passionately dedicated to her work and continues her education at the cutting edge of mind-body science. Her scope of practice ranges from age-related issues and postural injuries to sports performance and injury. She believes that everything in life is enhanced by passion, humility and humor.[hr][twocol_one]Maika Klaukien MA(Hons)LSSM dip MPFUK, MISRM

Maika KlaukainenMaika is a dancer and  choreographer with a proven track record of helping people recover from injury through movement therapy. Having qualified with the Pilates Foundation UK in 2003, Maika continues to work in theatre and contemporary dance. She launched the Pilates program at West 1 Physiotherapy in Harley Street and ran it for 5 years where she gained experience in dealing with a wide variety of injuries. She went on to qualify in a number of manual therapies which she uses to enhance her movement work. She has trained, along with Lynne, with some of the top movement and injury specialists in the world. With a wide-ranging repertoire and boundless enthusiasm her passion is healing and helping others heal themselves.[/twocol_one][twocol_one_last]Camilla Capon

Camilla BioA professional dancer, Camilla attended the School of ballet of the Opera of Rome, going on to graduate from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London in 2010 with a BA(Hons) in Dance Theatre. Camilla’s  understanding of the human body and the bio-mechanics of movement is innately ingrained in her own body. She has used Gyrotonic since the age of 13 to recover from the strain and injuries associated with dance. She went on to qualify to teach the GYROTONIC method and was welcomed to Gentle Movement in 2011. She is as adept at teaching beginners the technique as she is putting fellow dancers through their paces. Camilla is currently studying osteopathy in London.

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