The PILATES repertoire is highly adaptable and is an effective tool in rehabilitating the body after injury or surgery, correcting poor postural habits and is an excellent way of keeping the holistically, supple, strong and injury-free… more

Gyrotonic (for ultimate fascial fitness!)

Sometimes described as “Pilates in 3-dimensions”  “yoga on a machine” or “a massage from the inside out” GYROTONIC® is an innovative, unique and effective movement methodology incorporating the principles of Tai-chi, dance, Qi Gong, swimming, yoga and gymnastics. Any form of fluid dynamic exercise, it opens and expands the body and ……read more

Body Conditioning – core stability, core training and core strengthening

Although we love a good challenge, you don’t have to be injured to join us at Gentle Movement. If you are looking for general fitness, flexibility and a good sweat, we are game! Our Pilates and Gyrotonic equipment is there to challenge your core, work you against resistance and allow you to workout hard, yet safely. If you need to “feel the burn” just let us know!….read more

Pre & Post-natal

Like we said, you don’t have to be injured to join us at Gentle Movement and we love bumps both “in the oven” and out.  Lynne and Maika both present specialist pregnancy workshops at Triyoga in Primrose Hill and Viveka in St John’s Wood, London. Our aim is to keep you lithe, strong and supported throughout all of the physical and emotional changes that accompany pregnancy and ….read more