Sports Massage

Sport massage is really a broad term for targeted clinical massage using a range of neuro-muscular techniques to address a musculoskeletal problem. The ‘injury’ may not only be sports, but posture-related e.g. too many hours on the computer or at the desk, a shoulder injury due to poor shoulder positioning or it may be a running injury or even a walking injury. Simply put, it is not a spa treatment. It is a remedial treatment that may only focus on one area of the body unless the practitioner believes that there is another factor involved. Remember, the body is a whole interconnected organic mechanism and nothing moves (or fails) in isolation.

It is also vital to understand why you have sustained the injury so that you can correct whatever it is that has been letting you down. You will be given a targeted exercise program to do at home to help you recover faster, stay healthy. We would expect to see improvement within 6 clinical sessions followed by monthly maintenance sessions for an optimal outcome.

Sport massage may also include the use of kineso taping, cupping or acupuncture where appropriate and agreed with the client.