Special Offers

Special Autumn Offer Add-On

30 min Deep-Soma Head & Scalp Massage £25

A half hour of blissful, deep relaxation allowing the body to experience a supported parasympathetic state.*

The perfect antidote to our stressful urban lives.

Note: Valid only when booked as an add-on to your movement or treatment appointment.

Not available as a stand-alone treatment.

*Our autonomic nervous system is divided into three systems: the sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric. The sympathetic system stimulates our  “fight or flight” state which floods the body with adrenalin and cortisol – in other words STRESS.  The para-sympathetic system is just the opposite – it’s our relaxed “rest-and-digest” and “feed & breed” state. The body must be in the parasympathetic state in order for our healing processes to function.