Gentle Movement ClinicThe PILATES repertoire is highly adaptable and is an effective tool in rehabilitating the body after injury or surgery, correcting poor postural habits and is an excellent way of keeping the body supple, strong and injury-free.

Pilates at its best and most effective is not just a series of exercises performed by rote. It is a  functional holistic  movement method that supports dynamic and static posture and facilitates correct body alignment in all life’s activities whether you are standing in a museum, walking the dog, cycling or running a half marathon. The difference between Pilates and the gym is that Pilates requires your full attention, keeping you focused and ‘in the moment.’ An hour of Pilates leaves you energized, yet relaxed and is one of the most widely used methods for rehabilitating injuries and facilitating stability. Pilates teaches strength without stress and builds an awareness of energy efficient movement. The beauty of the Pilates method is that it can be of benefit to all ages and any level of fitness.

…posture impacts and modulates all bodily functions from breathing to hormonal