Gyrotonic (for ultimate fascial fitness!)

Gyro CamillaSometimes described as “Pilates in 3-dimensions”  “yoga on a machine” or “a massage from the inside out” GYROTONIC® is an innovative, unique and effective movement methodology incorporating the principles of Tai-chi, dance, Qi Gong, swimming, yoga and gymnastics. An yh form of fluid dynamic exercise, it opens and expands the body and helps to reverse bad postural habits, lubricates the joints and softens the fascia, leading to increased strength, suppleness and more effortless mobility.

Performed on an apparatus called a ‘pulley tower’ designed specifically for the biomechanics of the human body it uses  weights and resistance to facilitate dynamic movement based on circular and spiraling motions with accompanying breathing patterns. The overall effect of the workout is to improve flexibility and strength and induce a feeling of wellbeing and vitality.

Suitable for all levels of fitness, from the desk-bound to the elite sportsperson as well as those with more limited basic mobility, it can be slow, precise and controlled for rehabilitation, or an energetic, cardio-vascular full-body work-out.