Body Conditioning

Core Training / Core Strengthening

Core training is the appropriate first step for most people. This teaches stability at low or no load, focusing on timing and co-contraction of the correct muscles for the movement, sport or exercise. For instance, a gym “crunch” with poor core stability will very successfully increase neck tension, overuse the wrong abdominals and rely too much on the hip flexors, creating undue tension in the body while completely avoiding the targeted area.

The difficulty most people seem to have with core training is the desire to run before they’ve truly mastered walking.  Some of the strongest, athletic clients I have seen have been unable to perform some of the most seemingly ‘simple’ movements that require good core stability. And yet they participate in high velocity, sometimes-high impact activities. These were clients who were injuries waiting to happen. Luckily, we got them on board with the “boring stuff” so they could keep on being weekend warriors.

Even if you spend most of your time at a desk you are at risk of injury if your core is not functioning optimally. It can be difficult at the best of times to remain mindful of our posture and remember to align ourselves properly when standing, walking and sitting but if the musculature that supports our skeleton is out of sync and “switched off” we are little more than a “collapsed” structure at risk of all sorts of injuries. Add to that the sudden need to run for a bus or a runaway toddler, never mind lift said toddler – or indeed a heavy bag of groceries – and…oops. “Suddenly my back ‘just went.’”

Core training focuses on coordinating breathing, timing and sequencing at very low or no load using imagery and tactile cues until you have the awareness and can feel internally when you are “connected” As this skill improves, we add challenge and eventually load, and this becomes….

Core strengthening.

Simply; we take everything you’ve learned above and make it more interesting by adding load, limb movement, and challenge.

Poor core control contributes not only to back pain, but also to knee, hip and neck pain. In essence, everything connects to the core!

 Performance Enhancement

Whether you are a competitive sports person or simply looking to improve performance in your leisure sporting activities, we can help you identify and correct gait issues, muscle imbalances and postural faults that may be impeding your ability to play your best and remain injury-free. See above.

Maintenance & Progression

To ensure all the hard work you’ve done doesn’t unravel, we offer a  unique Maintenance & Progression package to give you the incentive to keep up the good work and stay out of the clinic. See package prices on our price list page.

Injury Rehabilitation & Pain Management

The studio is fully equipped with the Pilates apparatus to support you through your rehab program. the equipment can be adapted to progress you on the road to recovery. Our experienced and creative team are ace at finding ways to augment repertoire to suit your body and facilitate your progress.